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朋友圈唯美英文句子带翻译 好听吸引人的英文说

日期:2019/10/25 11:02作者:人气:

导读:1.我会在这儿,一直为你。will be here for you all the time. 2.回来步入我的心好吗? Comebackintomyheart? 3.除了你,我什么都不缺。...

1.我会在这儿,一直为你。will be here for you all the time.

2.回来步入我的心好吗? Comebackintomyheart?

3.除了你,我什么都不缺。have everything what want except you

4.不见面也有不见面的好,你永远是那时的模样。It's good not to meet, you'll always be like that.

5.套路是我学的,但撩你是真心的。I learned the routine, but you are sincere.

6.爱本是自由的,该接受那变化。Love is free and should accept the change.

7.一辈子只爱你一个不后悔。I love you all my life without regret.

朋友圈唯美英文句子带翻译 好听吸引人的英文说说1

8.我会一直在纵使爱变苍白。will always be even if love pale.

9.无人可以取代你。Nobody could ever replace you

10.艰难的道路经常通往高处。The tough road often leads to the top.

11.我只是不再那么喜欢你。just don't like you anymore

12.我不要短暂的温存,只要你一世的陪伴。I don't want to be short of warmth, as long as you are in the company of the first world.

13.有些人说不出哪里好,但就是谁都替代不了!Some people can not say where good, but who can not replace it!

14.爱是空白记,我是笔,任你涂鸦着回忆。Love is a blank, I am a pen, let you graffiti the memory.

15.你的眼睛,是我永生不会再遇的海。Your eyes, I would not be living in the sea.

16.等你盼你很苦很累,想你爱你此心不变。As you are tired and painful to you love your heart unchanged.

17.有时候,只是想有个人安静地抱抱我。Sometimes, I just want someone to hold me quietly.

朋友圈唯美英文句子带翻译 好听吸引人的英文说说2

18.爱不需要言语,即使在远方,也能感受到。Love needs no words, even in the distance, it can be felt.

19.离开难道真的是解脱,难道真的要试过几次了以后才懂。Is it really liberation to leave? Do we really have to try several times before we understand it?

20.成熟的最大好处是:以前得不到的东西,现在不想要了。The greatest advantage of maturity is that you don't want what you didn't get before.

21.你的路途,从此不见我的苍老。Your way, and not see my old.

22.一朝情义淡,样样不顺眼。Once the friendship is light, everything is not pleasing to the eye.

23.不要放弃任何人,奇迹每天都会发生。Don't give up on anybody. Miracles happen every day.

24.爱上像我这样的一个人。Fall in love with someone like me.

25.你那熟悉的模样已经深深烙印我心中。Your familiar face has been deeply imprinted in my heart.

26.不要对我太好,我怕有一天我会戒不掉。Don't be so good to me, I'm afraid I won't be able to quit one day.

27.我想和你在一起,却也只是想想而已了。I want to be with you, but I just think about it.

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